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2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Athens, Greece

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

2nd Transnational Project Meeting
Athens, Greece
8 October 2021


AKNOW (Asserted Knowledge) hosted the TPM2 meeting for the PhysicsKIT4STEM as the fourth day of the LTTA event at its headquarters in Athens, Greece.

The partners involved in the project (ECAM, PISTES, AKNOW, ATERMON, SCHOLE and EMPHASYS) participated in the event both physically and virtually.

The busy day-agenda included many activities that were shared between the project partners.

The day started with the PhysicsKit educational backpack, where the glossary and online repository were presented. The glossary was created so that there is a consolidated document with all glossary terms used in the curriculum as well as in the PhysicsKIT assembly guide. On the contrary, the idea for the repository is to have a list with extra resources for reading or experimenting which will complement the curriculum, the kit and other material that are developed further.

The event moved on to designing and building the PhysicsKit and localization of the project.

Then the presentation had a special module dedicated to PhysicsKIT Educators Handbook & Skills and Achievements Framework. The main outcomes from those two included two parts, the educator’s handbook and the skills and achievements recognition framework based on the Open Badges.

The partners shared their views and outputs and finalized the materials for the project.

After a busy morning schedules, all partners did enjoy a lovely lunch break and then came back together to discuss the final topics of the TPM 2.

Those topics were about Instructional Design, Content Transcription and LME Development.

Following the LTTA, all partners will start working on the re-purposing and remodelling of the training course inside the PhysicsKIT Learning Portal as an interactive multimedia content infused with digital resources.

A dedicated instance of the Learning Portal will be deployed on a fast infrastructure to support the project and the PhysicsKIT workgroup will be created as virtual space for the project stakeholders and learners.

Finally, every partner evaluated the overall experience of both LTTA and TPM and necessary feedback was given for future reference.

Overall, the partners were satisfied with the flow of the project and promised to meet soon for the updated version of PhysicsKIT4STEM.

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