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Learning, Teaching and Training Activity in Athens, Greece

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA)
Athens, Greece
5 - 7 October 2021


AKNOW (Asserted Knowledge) hosted the LLTA meeting for the PhysicsKIT4STEM for 3 consecutive days in its headquarters in Athens, Greece.

The partners involved in the project (ECAM, PISTES, AKNOW, ATERMON, SCHOLE and EMPHASYS) participated in the event both physically and virtually.

On the first day on the 5th of October, the partners received a general presentation concerning the main areas of the project such as 1)Update on the finalised and ongoing tasks, goals of the project and important deliverables 2)Discussion about goals of the LTTA (proposal), adaptation to the current situation and avancement of the project. 3)Introduction to the outputs participants will be using during the 3-days training event.

They received their IO1 PhysicsKit educational backpack and also the Guide for Assembly and Configuration, where there was a review of the visual guide depicting the steps needed for assembling and configuring the PhysicsKIT and its components for teachers/pupils to be able to build it in the classroom.

Later on the partners were trained on how to assemble the PhysicsKIT and electronics kits using the guide.They were also introduced the Raspberry Pi and how to use the GPIO by connecting a series of sensors to the Raspberry using a breadboard.

For the next two days, the PhysicsKit Curriculum Design and Development was reviewed in the classroom with sensors, electronic components and peripherals to teach physics and perform experiments.

Following they reviewed and completed all the glossary of terms, keywords and expressions that are used in physics, electronics, programming, physical computing, but also in developing and building constructs.

Everyone was very interested in the project outcomes and shared their valuable feedback with the rest of the partners. What followed the theoretical part, was a display of each partner’s electronic kits and how they can be used in the context of the teaching process to enhance understanding of physics concepts, demonstrate programming constructs, and comprehend physics subjects.

Every partner presented one module and covered the four main topics which were:

 - Primary content overview

- Lesson plans

- Learning outcomes

- Experiments

On the last day of the LTTA meeting all partners were delighted with the main outcomes of the project and how the process is evolving. They really enjoyed sunny Athens and its beautiful corners under the Acropolis and promised to renew their appointment very soon.

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