Intellectual Outputs

IO1 - PhysicsKIT Educational Backpack

The purpose of this output is to develop the Physics curriculum and the PhysicsKIT (with its dedicated assembly and configuration guide) which will complement and support the curriculum and engage learners from the start.

The curriculum modules will cover aspects of physics such as: 
  1. Motion and forces
  2. Conservation of energy and momentum
  3. Electricity and magnetism
  4. Waves
  5. Gravity 
The curriculum will be complemented by a glossary where all terms, keywords and expressions will be defined and explained in simple words so pupils can easily adopt a new vocabulary that will be used in the PhysicsKIT4STEM project.

In addition, this output foresees the creation of a wooden do-it-yourself console, The PhysicsKIT, powered by a Raspberry Pi computer and accompanied with a wide variety of sensors, electronic components and other peripherals. The purpose of the PhysicsKIT is to be used by children to learn simple programming, experiment with sensors and simulate physical phenomena.

An instructional video of the PhysicsKIT and its assembly process can be found here.

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IO2 - PhysicsKIT Club

The second output has the following purposes:
  1. To deliver the PhysicsKIT curriculum, assembly guide and all material and resources under a learning motivation environment (LME) which will engage the users (teachers/pupils) in the learning process, offering an enhanced experience through motivational workflows and gamification mechanisms.
  2. To develop a handbook for the educators, with clear and detailed instructions on how to use the PhysicsKIT and its curriculum, complemented by lesson plans which will utilise the PhysicsKIT sensors, components and peripherals into interactive, hands-on exercises. These lesson plans will involve the construction of several DIY kits, using the material and resources already provided, which will be used in the classroom to transform concepts of physics into responsive experiments.
Check also our available downloads!